For more information on Cat Royale, see the official Blast Theory webpage.

Want to see of Clover, Pumpkin, and Ghostbuster? Have a look at the daily highlight videos here.


Designing Multispecies Worlds for Robots, Cats, and Humans. CHI’24

Charting Ethical Tensions in Multispecies Technology Research through Beneficiary-Epistemology Space. CHI’24

The Purr-suit of Happiness: A Tale of Three Kittens: Robots, Humans, Cats, and AI. HRI’24

Cat Royale. ACM Interactions 2024

TAS for Cats: An Artist-led Exploration of Trustworthy Autonomous Systems for Companion Animals. TAS’23

Designing for Trust: Autonomous Animal – Centric Robotic & AI Systems. ACI’2022


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